31 Days of the Macabre - Oct. 19: House on Haunted Hill (Castle; 1959)

Can you really go wrong with Mr. Vincent Price? The answer is no, you absolutely CANNOT go wrong with the masterful Vincent Price. This is film to watch again and again and again. It’s VERY fun, and has that wonderful eeriness that was once so prevalent in horror films. and no, I don’t suggest watching the shitty remake. Maybe if you’re bored. Viddy well…

31 Days of the Macabre - Oct. 18: The Old Dark House (Whale; 1932)

Despite the fact that it isn’t terribly scary (I can’t really even imagine this movie being terribly scary at its release), there’s something chillingly awesome about this Boris Karloff classic.
It’s about a group of folks who get caught in a rainstorm in Wales, and seek shelter in an enormous mansion owned by the Femm family.
You can’t go wrong watching this brilliant film by James Whale.
Viddy well…